Chop Chop is a flying ninja monkey.


Ninjarish, naughty and impish


As well as being part-time ninjas, Cheeky Chimps are full-time jokers. They leave a trail of whoopee cushions, banana skins and stink bombs wherever they roam. In fact these playful primates just don't know when to stop. And that can be pretty funny, unless the joke's on me. Over the years I've been pelted with gooberries, squirted by plastic flowers, and even had ink smeared around my spinoculars. Watch out, or you could end up with a face full of custard pie and a rubber chicken in your soup.


Dragon anyDragon anyDragon any


Tying shoelaces together and flicking ears


Political talk shows and runny porridge.


Most Cheeky Chimps swing through the vines of Sniggerton Wood, but some prefer hiding in closets before jumping out and shouting "Boo!"

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